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Raver Kit

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Raver Kit: The Bag with the Stuff



What Is a Raver Kit? What is it good for?


  • Basically, a Raver Kit is an Essential Bag with all the stuff you need to survive a weekend out at the club. It doesn't even have to be a bag, either, Can just be your pockets.
  • A Raver Kit Is your Means of keeping on the top while others are scrambling.
  • Having a Raver Kit means you're Prepared for the Best AND for the Worst.




What's in a Rave Kit?


    This has always been a sort of arguement with Ravers as to what really belongs in a Rave Kit. Rave kits have evolved from those in the old days of the New York Club Kids all the way down to the New Age California Dance Halls. Seattle Ravers have abnormal Rave Kits compaired to the rest of the world's Party Scene.


  1. Essentially, Your Make-up. It doesn't matter if you're Male or Female, Some people, such as Club Kids, Kandi Kids, or even the darkest of most, the Gravers, wear Make up. Keeping a small supply of Touch up make up, or even a tube of glitter, is a main stay in Seattle Rave Culture.
  2. Recently noted: A Tube of Hair Gel. When you're at a Party, you sweat. Sweat makes your hair go from that wonderfully pointed spike or placed bit of hair on the side to a flat mop. Keeping Extra Hair Gel Handy is a definite.
  3. Money for Coatcheck, water, Bus Faire, and Taxi (if possible). Also, Alot of Ravers do what's Called "Spange." Spanging is defined as Begging for cash in order to get into the party that night. It's frowned upon, but the chances are that someone spanges will always remember who gave them cash, and make sure they're known in popularity, and will return the favor in some way shape or form, so having spare cash handy is a great jesture.
  4. Some Ravers have Stuffed animals, or Totems in their bags. Used primarily as good luck charms, and something to hold when they spend the night at some after party or hotel nearby the party, or even as curious simple gifts to close friends in the scene. It's nice to have something soft, also, for those who participate in recreational Pharmasuticals.
  5. Energy Drinks: For Before the rave, to get your heart rate already pumping.
  6. Water: If you can bring it in, Bring a bottle of water. One leading cause of injury in the Rave Culture is Dehydration and Overheating. You can take care of alteast one of theise problems by keeping water on hand. Energy Drinks alone can increase dehydration, so a meager balance of 2 bottles of Water to 1 can of 12oz Energy Drink is the ideal.
  7. Music: Either CD Player, MP3 player, Whatever you've got, even those classic Tape Cassette players. As long as you've got music pumping into your system when you're not in the club, you've got it made.
  8. Camer: Not every club lets you bring in a Camera, but to have one to capture all those moments in the club, and all those new and old people you meet. A Camera is one of the most important things.
  9. Candy: A Very small, Sealed back of Candy, soemthing like M&Ms or Skittles to have to maintain your energy levels as you dance.
  10. Kandi and Kandi Making Materials: You need a place to keep your Kandi when you're not wearing it, and having a small thing of beads and string is perfect for those who you need to make quick strands for while you're at the party, or if you et a group of friends and Kandi kids around the container and string to keep company and gab (talk) over.
  11. Lights: Either L.E.D.s or Glowsticks, Lights are a mainstay in any Rave Kit. The most popular form of Dancing at a rave is Light shows. 


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