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Seattle's Guide to Raving

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Seattle's Guide to Raving



Introduction to Raving



(dictionary definition)

Rave u. raved, raving v.i.
1. To speak wildly or incoherantly
2. To speak with extravagant enthusiasm
3. To make a wild, roaring sound; rage. -v.t.
4. To utter wildly or incoherantly
-n 1. The act or state of raving.
2.informal A highly favorable review.
-adj. informal Extravagantly enthusiastic: rave reviews.
{<L rabere to rage}-
Syn: Bable, Rant, Gibber.

1. Furious; delerious; frenzied.
2. informal Extraordinary; remarkable; a raving beauty.
-n. Frenzied or irrational speach.

So, let's start off by answering the 30+ year old question:

What is a rave?

A rave is a party where several people gather, prefferably in large quantities known as "massives." The general music of choice is Techno, varying in several sub genres of Techno (I.e. Drum and bass is not the same as Happy Hardcore or Trance) that Disk Jockeys (DJs) play for the many different ravers.

In some cases, these DJs are actually competing for spots in different raves, a place in music (Record deal), to release demo CDs to the public, or to get a bigger fan base.

Granted, like many other music events, a rave is also a chemical playground. This guide may touch on the many drugs that are common in the rave scene. This is not a guide to taking drugs, this is not a guide to find them, but it is informative, and will tell you how to avoid them and to help treat people who are in shock or reaching overdose for until the proper authorities get there. This is not permission, nor is it a way to save people's lives, but Knowledge is power.


What is a Raver?


You see, It's not "What is a raver," Because as most people say, "I Am A Raver." is a generalization, a label, a stereotype that morphs our words and ideas in a way that doesn't make sense, just like this definition.


"What makes a Raver" is more like it.


"So, What DOES make a raver?"




Glad you asked (Like you did anyways, HA!).


you see, What makes a Raver a Raver comes down into several groupings, several ideas, several thoughts and definitions, that at the medium, the middle, the summery, are three initial things:



  1. A Raver must enjoy Techno. Why? Because a raver needs the beat, craves the music, enjoys the lyrics, and techno is just so easy to dance to.
  2. A raver must like Dancing, either that be alone, with friends, with glowsticks, with LEDs, it's just the pure fact of Dancing. Dance like no one's watching. Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your own living room.
  3. Raving is all about expression. That may be translated in your clothes, in the way that you dance, your accessories, your attitude. It doesn't matter, it's the freedom to be yourself and enjoy the people around you. Raving is you, and you are the Raver.



So, let's go back to "What is a raver" now that we've defined what makes a raver, well, A Raver.

Just by reading this guide, either you are or are interested in being a raver. This means that if you are interested, Guess what, you're a raver.

Alot of people say that you're not a "true" raver until you've been to X ammount of raves, clubs, parties. That's not exactly true. Granted, it's a completely different living experiencce going out ot the club and enjoying the lights and DJs that play the music, Raving isn't all about the club experience. Raving is about the PERSONAL experience and enlightenment though the experiences through the music. IE. Get wise by listening to tunes.


Why is Techno the Main Music of Ravers?


When Techno first came out, it was a brand new, revolutionary type of music. It created shockwaves into the grand scope of everything that IS music, it even helped create new styles of music that are prevolent today. Many people are inspired by the beats, and have gone back and made new music from those concept.


In short, Techno, though being disputed, has made itself the CORE of music, taking elements from Africa, the origins of the beat, to the system created by Bethoven and Mozart, not to mention several more.


A DJ, though, not in the radio sense, plays a myriad of different beats, weaving them together to create music out of already created pieces, or creating their own by piecing together different sounds and soundclips. Most are repetative, and to those who don't enjoy Techno, find themselves more or less annoyed by it.


But, enough of the avoiding factor of the question: Techno is Raver's music because it's what helps define them. Rockers have Rock, Metalheads have Metal, Cowboys have their Country. Ravers get Techno. It's that simple. This doesn't mean that a raver is stuck with only listening to Techno, as most Ravers are rather eclectic. Just, Techno is more likely to pop up on their play lists.


"Dancing? I don't know how to dance!"


Neither does the majority of Ravers. It's just fun, and no matter what you're doing, Rocking out to the beat no matter how rediculous you look is still fun. Relax, Dance like you're nowhere near the club. Let the sounds take you away.


There are many dances, though, that ravers do often perform, at least the ones that do know how to dance.


One would be called "Liquid" which makes the person flow to the music. Many vids are on You Tube to show as an example.


Another, which is older, is called the Melbourne Shuffle, coming out of Australia, which resembles alot like Liquid.


"Expression? Like, How?"


Any way you feel. That's what Raving is all about. Clothes, Costumes, Make-up, Types of glowsticks, types of LEDs. No matter what, you are an individual, you are unique, and all ravers, no matter if they're into the same stuff, always have a different way of doing it, or putting it together. Express yourself. That's what raving's all about.





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